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Seats and luggage carrier


I'll start with the passengers seat. Like almost everything on the Vespa, most of the parts are in bad condition. The rear seat is made of foam with the bottom of woodboard. As shown in the photo, the bottom is rotten. Note that it was cloaked in gray. Original, is dark green. A new one costs €40. I´m not gonna waste time with it.


The front seat, also in very bad condition, is restorable. The seatcover will be replaced since the original is full with holes. A new seatcover cost about €20. I ordered it from Italy.


The rest of the seat had a lot of rust. The springs and other parts/details are in very poor condition. I noticed immediately that I had much to do. I´ll try to renew all parts of origin.


As you can see in the picture, the seat frame is really rusty. I dismantled the seat parts to see what I could restore and I had to buy.


In the photo you can see how everything was covered in rust. Some of the springs got broken when taking apart. I thought it was better idea to buy/replace the springs.


My older brother told me he knew someone who did springs. He took the old ones and came back a few days later with a great gift. Completely new springs! And even better, the person who did the springs, said it was for free!


After more than 60 years of use, the diameter of the holes had increased with more than 2 mm. The seatframe was a little loose.


I could have done new rivets to the larger holes, but choosed to weld the old holes and drill new ones with the old diameter. Since I have no soldering machine and I'm not a great welder, a friend of mine did the job.


The new holes were made so i could use M8 bolts. I also noticed that the old holes were not centered and the seat was bent after assembled..


For the rivets, I used M8 bolts. As lathe I used a drillmachine. They got identical to the old ones.


Instead of welding the front spring, I made threads. It´s a lot easier to remove the front spring now.


The seat frame was painted in black. Original should be matte black, but I like it shiny. All other parts, like feathers, was nickel-plated.


The front seatcover and the buddy seat was bought from Italy. I wanted black. I know that the original is green, but i don´t want to much green.


No holes on the buddy seat! More work to do!


I also have restored the plate to the front seat. It´s barely visible under the saddle. Small parts that take a lot of time!


Luggage carrier looked good. A little rust, few dents, but no big deal.


When I looked underneath and saw the corners, man, I was considering to toss and buy new. Nothing seemed easy. Must disassemble parts, rust repair, replace metal, welding and so on...


At last, the saddle is finished! Bought new chromed springs and fixed the Aquila plate. Not shown in the picture.


The luggage carrier was in terrible condition. I was thinking of buying a new one, but changed my mind. I drilled out all the beams on the bottom and made ​​new in galvanized sheet metal. All parts must fit together, then welded in place and finally primed prior to coating. Much work on this part!


Here I have primed and welded all the parts in place. It was like new again. But with new galvanized steel beams.


Same as picture above but the picture shows the bottom.


It is now ready for priming and painting, voila! Grrr, a lot of work when I could have bought a new one for around 40 €.


Today I took apart the buddy seat and drilled holes so I can mount it on the carrier. Also built four plates with bolts in stainless steel to be glued around the edges so that both enhances the edges of the bottom but also makes the bolts from turning around. The buddy seat is now complete.