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Steering Lock and keys




Seats and luggage carrier




Front fork








Before and After


Front fork


Front fork looked good and seems to have all the parts. Until I started to take it apart.


Turned out that there were no more than three ball bearings, both on up and lower ball bearing track! Dosn´t matter, i´m going to replace them anyway.


Mudguard lamp proved to belong to a newer model. Some friends had told me that before. You can see it on the color (grey) and the hole for the indicator (not shown in the picture).


All the bolts went off when I picked the pieces apart.


Even the large bolts, like the M10 that hold the shock absorber.


Someone had broken the little hooks to the steering lock. Probably lost keys and tried to break/open the steering lock.


Most of the parts in the fork was in good condition. Apart from the lamp, brake shoes, and ball/needle bearings (to be purchased new), i´m gonna repair these parts. Shock absorber don´t work, no oil. A new one cost about €125. I'm not going to waste money on a new one.

The hole is oval in the next part, don´t really know what to do with it. Buy or repair?

The last two parts are in so bad condition, that I had to buy new ones (I've already done it). If you look closely you can see the mark from the needle at the bottom. The one above is rusted and loose with 1 mm.


Had to weld the lock hooks since I have picked apart most of the parts. Starting to get tired of all the little things that need to be fixed.


Ball bearings and bearing track were worn. You can see clear traces from the ball bearings. I bought everything new, it's a simple job to replace these parts


Now I've got me all the parts to rebuild the front hub. The axes were found to be of stainless steel. Made in Germany. All gaskets and bearings will be replaced. This is probably the most fun, putting it all together.


I have begun to assemble the fronthub. The first step is obviously to press in all the wheel bearings. Without a press, it is really difficult. My friend Tage helps me because he has the tools for it. Thank you friend!


I also took the opportunity to replace the lower bearing races because they were bad. Just beat hard on the back so they release.


The top bearing race was tight as hell. Had actually to cut it off. Was told that i could crack it, but did not succeed with the method.


Also took the opportunity to repair all other part which was sitting on the fronthub. I got the shock absorber from a friend. I just painted in silver, (it was grey, and not original, but it fits, the original one, i´ll repair it later). The spring was sandblasted and nickel plated. They look great!


Sometimes it looks simple, but many parts here have been renovated, and it takes time. So you have an idea, take this part as an example. It was worn out and a new cost € 120. The choise was to repair mine. The part in the picture renovated.


I started by cutting off the stick or pipe that was sticking up. Then I drilled a new hole and made threads M6.


Bought a long bolt M6 and turned the bolt after the right measures. Quite dangerous to turn the bolt with a drill machine! Madman hehe.


All parts was nickel plated and assembled. The last part, the ball at the top was turned of a piece of brass! What do you do for € 120!


Mudguard lamp was purchased new from Italy. It was made ​​of aluminum and in very poor condition. Full of streaks and dents. The fit was actually disastrous! If you look closely you see the stripes or folds in the sheet.


You see it more clearly after the first primer.


As if that were not enough, I discovered small cracks. These must be reinforced or it will break later. Grrr, aluminum is a very difficult material to weld in.


The brackets on the frame and the lamp don´t fit together. In the picture I have already taken out the brackets and the idea is to produce new ones.


I made ​​new brackets and rivets that fit. After nickel plating, the parts looks to be original.


I had to manufacture the parts wrong so that they fit right. The holes of the brackets was wrong with unbelievable 8 mm!


Mudguard lamp is now primed and ready to be painted. Wow, a lot of work on a part that should be "right" from the factory ...


The fronthub is killing me. The mudguard was no exception. At first inspection, I found drillholes, cracks and huge dents!


I started to scrape away all the color from the mudguard. Unfortunately, i discovered more holes and cracks.


When I looked underneath, I noticed that someone tried to repair the mudguard before, probably after a collision!


I fixed all the dents and the mudguard looked real good. The mudguard will be "fine-tuned" a bit more after welding. Aluminum is soft, so it took no time at all. Unfortunately, it crack easily too.


Total of 8 holes to weld. Some holes that really should not be welded, may do so anyway because they have become too large and bolts go right through.


Some of the cracks. I could have bought a new mudguard for around 45 €, but stubborn as I am, I prefer to repair the original parts, sometimes at higher cost. The parts have been submitted for welding, after that, painting!


Today I made two new rivets of aluminum and a tool for riveting them on the rim. The result was perfect.


Got back the front fender welded. All cracks and holes were welded. Now I just have to drill new holes, priming it and paint it and it´s done!


The mudguard lamp is now complete. I painted the bulb holder in silver because I thought it was nicer instead of plasticgrey. In the picture there is no fin, but everything is in place (assambled) as I write this. I'm very pleased with the results.


Almost done. Most parts are in place. Only missing front fender.