Downloads & Links:


Steering Lock and keys




Seats and luggage carrier




Front fork








Before and After



Paint code
Not only the paint/primer codes, also the recipe for how to mix/make the ink.

Electrical schematic diagram
How to connect the wires. You can also download it from:

Exploded View (Parts Catalog)
Catalog of parts. Perfect to check parts, or assembly.

A must for all Vespa owners. Lots of information.
The German eBay is my favorite. I always find the parts I need and at good price. Overall very good quality.
If you don´t find the parts elsewhere, you will find them here. In general, it has all parts. Unfortunately quite expensive. But if you want it, believe me, you'll find it here.
Another Italian website for those looking for complete Vespas (or parts). Search for my model, V30 or faro basso and start saving. A faro basso costs dependent on the state and age from 5000 € to 10000 €!
As above but of course in French. Here I have found rare pieces/parts at good prices. The ACMA Vespa 125 was built under license in France and is different only in a few prominors, one is the lighthouse built in the handlebar. Have many parts or complete Vespas at good prices.
In the site of Mauro Pascoli, you can find everything you need for your old Vespa. It has a good search engine to locate/find parts.
Another "must" located in Germany, has something for everyone, good service and reasonable prices.