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Vespa V31T 125CC 1951...

Since I can remember I always liked the mythical Vespas. My favorite has always been the model of 50´s. More because of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in the classic movie "Roman Holiday". So when I decided to buy a Vespa, the choice fell on Vespa 125cc made between 1950 to 1952, better known as V30T-V33T.

I was wrong in thinking that it would be an easy task, I thought it was only open to wallet and pay for it. The worst part was finding one, preferably in good condition! In the beginnings of 2001 I began seriously searching for a v31T but it took until 2010 to find one. I found one, the 1948 model, but i don´t like the gearsystem with fixed rods. Another choice was a Vespa Hoffmann from 1950, but I prefer Italian than German. From 1953 the Vespas began to have the headlight on the handlebar, like the Vespa U, also beautiful. My choice was a "Faro Basso" and I thought that the 1951 model was my choice. Came across several v30T, but the owners refused to sell. Also they collectors!

I almost gived up, when I called on an advertisement for some other parts, when the seller asked me if I was interested in buying an old Vespa, I answered no, because I thought it would be a 50R or something similar. But the seller insisted and sent me a picture to my phone. As soon the picture arrived I bought the Vespa! Unfortunately, the owner had the Vespa almost 375 km from mee.

It was complete, functional, but slightly degraded. Ofcourse without documents! But an easy task to solve. After fetching, the Vespa was identified (with help from friends) and I had to make a new registration (The seller helped mee with receipts and other documents). After a week I had the registration documents and license plate.

Thinking after if I was going to restore or not, I decided to restore the Vespa as it left the factory in 1951. A difficult task but not impossible. I started the restoration about a month ago and it will take about two years. Some modifications will be made but nothing to note. Everything of origin will be restored. All other parts that are to degraded will be exchanged for new.

Come back from time to time and take a look at the photo album. I´ll try to update with new photos everytime I restore some parts...

Current state of the Vespa ...

The goal within two years.